Journey Homes Story

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Incorporated in 2014, Randolph County Veteran Shelter, Inc, DBA as The Journey Home (TJH) has fully engaged themselves in the mission to “end Veteran homelessness.” Like all great grass-root stories, our participation in this mission started with an awareness of a problem and a conversation about solutions. A small group of individuals, which quickly turned into an army of local, then regional, and now national individuals and organizations, has come together as partners to make a difference. To make a difference in the lives of Veterans and to “end Veteran homelessness.”

Our Mission: Veterans are our priority. Our mission is to end Veteran homelessness; to connect Veterans to local, regional, and national communities. As together we provide stability, support and interventions so that Veterans are empowered to attain housing and independence.

There is no other population in the United States that has better access to care than a military Veteran. The quality of care is rightly debated but there is no doubt that our Veterans’ medical and health care is a high priority to the US Government and the US citizens and their community partners. Yet the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) estimates that less than 50% of all eligible Veterans are enrolled in VA Services. Too few of our heroes are isolated and are missing the love and support that is eagerly awaits them. TJH accepts this as a neighbor and community problem to solve.

We See You

  Are you a Veteran? We see you, and we honor you. We will bring your neighbors, and partner with your community, as we walk together to support you in your journey home; to “end Veteran homelessness.” This mission is critical, especially across rural America. Veterans in rural populations are referred to within government circles as “the hidden.” The VA, the US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and other Federal agencies know that Veterans are homeless or otherwise at risk within rural communities, but the difficulty in how to find these individuals and give them support is not yet been resolved. We believe Veterans are “hidden” only because they do not gather in locations common to other homeless or those at risk; such as the shelters, camps, soup or food kitchens. Veterans gather, but they gather as parts of church congregations. They attend medical appointments. They grocery shop and are neighbors and members of families.

Just like when this TJH story started, we create partnerships of communities and individuals so that together we can find the “hidden” Veteran; to lift them up and provide the stability, the support, and the interventions that will empower them with hope, dignity, and independence. In talking to Veterans, hearing their stories and wrapping our arms around them, we have learned that their “love for Country” is rooted in their love for their families, their neighbors, and their communities. They sacrificed their lives for you, and instead of feeling more connected to those they love upon returning home, they are more disconnected than ever and do not know how to reengage with those they love and with their communities. 

Our Vision: The Journey Home will honor, empower, and provide essential programming to homeless and at-risk Veterans for their journey to achieve and sustain healthy interactions, health connections and healthy relationships.

Homeless Veteran Statistics

Low Barriers

The establishment of limited or low barriers in determining entry or removal from TJH programs and services. Programs and operation objectives are to work with Veterans through their recovery.

Harm Reduction

A formal definition of harm reduction refers to “a range of public health policies designed to lessen the negative social and/or physical consequences associated with various human behaviors.” TJH combines the use of credentialed mental health professionals to assess and clinically reduce the harmful effects symptoms, behaviors and issues presented. This practice is experienced by meeting the Veteran with programs and services within their emerging or critical needs.

With these guiding terms and statistics, TJH has evolved themselves to more fully serve both at-risk and homeless Veterans, than only being a transitional home for homeless Veterans. We’ve learned that a Veteran’s struggles are unique and this population is more vulnerable than we assumed. We’ve realized that their care is not only the responsibility of the VA or the US Government, it is also the responsibility of every US Citizen. A US Veteran gave of themselves for the freedoms we individually enjoy. We can give of ourselves to a Veteran in ways the VA or US Government cannot, and provide support and resources to lift them up that are not otherwise possible.

Programs and services at TJH include local, regional and national outreach efforts to find Veterans at-risk; those who are living in homeless camps; who are living in poverty or who are displaced by a natural disaster. TJH outreach programs connect Veterans to their communities and to local, regional and national resources where their rebuilding can begin and can be sustained.

What You Can Do to Help

Our appeal is simple: If you know of a Veteran in-need, help them. Learn all you can about homelessness and Veteran issues. Give The Journey Home (TJH) a call. We have the expertise, the knowledge and awareness to assist, to provide information, and to provide guidance. Donate your financial resources and time to assist our mission to “end Veteran Homelessness.”

Everyone needs three (3) things in order to thrive; healthy interactions, healthy connections and healthy relationships. A couple of weeks after Hurricane Laura, a victim of the Hurricane and Vietnam Veteran pulled up to our food line. With emotions in his eyes, he asked if we had food available. We said “yes,” and with genuine relief and tears in his eyes he sobbed as we handed him food and meals. Not knowing where to go for support and help, he told us that he had not eaten in several days and did not know if he would get a meal that day. There were several organizations that were serving food and supporting the community, but when we feel helpless and hopeless it is hard to see through the haze of our own worry and fears. We fed him for a couple of more days and offered other support, but that is all he needed.

For others, the needs are greater. Many of the homeless experience a chronic disability, illness, post-traumatic stress, or addiction contributing to homelessness. Almost all have been homeless for multiple years. Randolph County Veterans Shelter, Inc. / DBA: The Journey Home, a nonprofit 501(c)3, is much more than an organization on the mission to “end Veteran homelessness.” It is bigger than transitional services or outreach programs for Veterans at-risk or who are homeless. It offers communities the opportunity to take care of our American Heroes. Many of the Veterans who walk through our doors or pick up the phone do so with a disabling sense of hopelessness and a loss of personal dignity. When communities step up and get involved, big things happen.

  • Your donations fund TJH’s shelter facility, programs/services and disaster relief efforts to help Veterans in-need and at-risk on a local, regional and national scale. All programs and services by TJH are completely free of charge for qualified Veterans. TJH’s programs and services connect Veterans to our services and their community resources that empower Veterans to achieve and sustain healthy interactions, connections and relationships that result in an overall well-being and future of successful self-sufficiency.
  • Groceries and food items are donated by individuals, families and businesses that keeps our kitchens open and homeless Veterans fed. The kitchen at TJH’s transitional facility stays open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and Veterans eat as much food as they wish, because of these donations. These donations also feed Veterans who live in homeless camps, who are living in poverty and/or impacted by a natural disaster.
  • Displaced or homeless Veterans are given clothes, bedding, and household items that furnish a newly acquired home.
    Donations from all over the United States, help cloth and supply Veterans in-need of important daily living and household items.
  • Landlords are connected to Veterans with a home or an apartment to rent.
    Many landlords in our local, regional and national communities are connected to Veterans through our organization. These landlords step up, take risks, and provide a resource and opportunities for rent that are otherwise difficult for many Veterans to obtain.

TJH recognizes that recovery is a long process, with many challenges and stumbles along the way. Veterans have earned our support, patience, help and mercy as they work through their recovery. We trusted them as they defended our freedoms. They walked into the line of fire willingly and knowing the ultimate sacrifice as a result of their dedicated service. They served us, now it’s our turn to serve them!

Your contribution is tax deductible! Please give now to help Veterans during their time of need and to support the efforts of The Journey Home.

Vision and Core Values

Vision Statement

The Journey Home will honor, empower, and provide essential programming to homeless and at-risk Veterans for their journey to achieve and sustain healthy interactions, healthy connections and healthy relationships.

Core Values

  • Rebuild Lives and Relationships 
  • Community Connections 
  • Safety 
  • Compassion and Empathy
  • Positive Support and Connections 
  • Independence 
  • Financial Stability For Veterans