We feel so blessed to be able to have such a significant impact on the lives of local veterans. Every day, we receive testimonials from veterans and their families about the major difference we made. Today, we’d love to share this wonderful story with you.

One of our former residents and current valued staff members, Charles Hampton, has given us permission to share his experience of overcoming homelessness and addiction with the help of The Journey Home.

Life is good. Those who know me know that I’ve battled depression all of my life. With multiple suicide failures behind death and dying. In fact, my wife died in my arms over twenty years ago and since then I’ve only been a shell of a man. I have newly found reasons for wanting to live one more day. After being homeless, addicted to drugs and alcohol, I found a place called The Journey Home. In finding this place, I acquired a new lease on life. I have a chance to give back to my community, and in doing so, I can be a source of help to veterans just like myself. Veterans, that for one reason or another, have been dealt hands that many would throw in, never to play the game of life again. This place called TJH has given so many others a second chance at life.

Charles, like 70% of all homeless veterans, suffered from substance abuse addiction. The Journey Home is able to aid our residents by linking them to the treatment they need and give them support to improve their lives. We’ve also seen that veterans who are able to live in structured, substance-free housing with fellow veterans often are more successful in bettering themselves overall. Our program is perfect for those who are reluctant to come forward and seek help because they can work and communicate with people with similar experiences.

I’ve been given the opportunity to reach out to these vets and show them that they have options. That there is someone willing to listen to their story, someone willing to lend a hand to lift them up. In doing so, I have created newfound friendships that will last a lifetime. For me to be able to tell my story to other vets, lets them know that they are not in this struggle alone and that there are indeed people out there that have walked in their shoes and then some. Receiving a letter from a young lady stating that her father hasn’t been much of a father to her most of her life, but, thanks to the people at TJH, is now sober and working on cementing relationships with his family shows me that all is well.

My job isn’t one of high pay but it’s oh so rewarding.

From the eyes of Charles Hampton

We have helped 50 homeless veterans get off the streets in 2017. However, the harsh reality is the fact that 1 of every 4 people experiencing homelessness is a veteran. And of those, 1 of every 6 has been homeless for over a year. The Journey Home is dedicated to eliminating those statistics once and for all, but we need your help. Please consider donating today so we can continue to help these great men and women and offer them the chance to live the life they deserve.