Average adults spend about $300 per month on food plus another $70 on household and hygienic supplies, according to the USDA. As up to 15 Veterans live at The Journey Home at any given time, we can expect to spend as much as $5,550 every month on groceries and other household supplies, services and equipment.

The community regularly supports us by dropping off food, hygiene and other household supplies, along with clothing and other personal items—contributions for which we are incredibly grateful. In addition to this generous support, we make frequent (weekly or more) trips to the grocery store so the Veterans can be nourished with a balanced diet, and have their hygiene and other essential household needs met.

We depend on these drop-off contributions and encourage them to continue, but for those outside the local area or who prefer to contribute online, we are establishing a new Household Fund to help with these monthly expenses.

Would you be willing to support The Journey Home Household Fund by committing to a monthly donation? We have set a goal to raise $2,000/month so that we can continue to provide the Veterans the daily living and care they deserve.

Please complete the simple form below to sign up to support the Household Fund. Commitments of all sizes—$5/month, $25/month, or $100/month—go a long way to helping the Veterans along their “Journey Home”.

Thank you for your generous support.