Bill Richmond, a long time Journalist in the communities of East Central Indiana, and former Editor a local newspaper, sits down with Eldon Solomon, Clinical Director/CEO of The Journey Home.

Over the months of March, April and May of 2020 Veterans at The Journey Home have struggled in very unique ways during the COVID-19 social isolation and limited access to relied treatment and VA and community resources experience. Prior to the VA and Government lockdowns, The Journey Home traveled over 4,000 miles a month transporting homeless and community Veterans to VA medical and mental health appointments throughout the region. Overnight, access to these important appointments virtually stopped.

Mr. Solomon speaks candidly and openly about the impact social isolation has on recovery from homelessness and how important program and services like The Journey Home and communities are in “ending Veteran homelessness.”

Part 1: Mission and Program Focus (2:54)

In part 1 of this seven-part series, Bill Richmond talks to Eldon Solomon, Clinical Director/CEO, about his role as a former Board of Director in the spring of 2015 and then his appointment in November of 2016 as Clinical Director/CEO of The Journey Home. Mr. Solomon speaks about the evolution in programing and services of The Journey Home and of the mission to “end Veteran Homelessness.”

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