Our mission is to “End Veteran Homelessness”. This task is more than a vision, it is our responsibility. A top priority of this mission is to provide personalized transitional services to the 15 Veterans who stay with us at any given time.

The individual journey into homelessness for each Veterans is very different; it’s skewed, biased, and raw. The individual journey home into permanent housing is equally different and individual. Our work with these men is intense and the impact is transformational.  

There’s another intense and transformational part this mission: you, our community. Your interactions, connections, and relationships with Veterans transform both you and them. As the community develops a deeper understanding of our Veterans’ journey, we (the Veterans, The Journey Home, and the community) are better able to work together.

When our Veterans choose to share their stories with the community, this honest reflection is an important milestone on their journey home.

We make it a priority to share our Veterans’ stories with you, and we share these stories because you are absolutely critical to our success. You’ve gotten to know several of our Veterans from the blog posts and videos we’ve published over the last year on this website. Their stories couldn’t be more real, from the triumphs of their progress to the raw, vulnerable accounts of their struggles.

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Your responses to these stories have been equally as real, raw, and vulnerable. Too often the depictions of Veterans that we read about are skewed, biased, or politicized. There are no politics or agendas in what we share, other than capturing our Veterans’ real story—as they have experienced it and as they tell it.

We only feature Veterans’ stories when each Veteran is fully ready to share, and we only depict the Veteran and their history in a manner that makes them proud. Ending their homelessness is something to be tremendously proud of. We are grateful for their courage and strength, and it’s a blessing to see the admiration and pride from the community.

We will continue capturing our Veterans’ incredible stories to give them an opportunity to reflect and help you understand the reality of their sacrifice, their struggles, and the challenges we help them overcome.

Thank you for reading our blog, watching our videos, and leaving your wonderful words of support in the comments. Please know this means the world to us, and even more to our Veterans.