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Our history has pushed TJH to become better and to evolve so that the mission to “end Veteran homelessness” captures our ability to be proactive and to be socially responsible to factors impacting Veteran homelessness. The foundation of our mission strategy is Veteran Outreach. These strategies honor the Veterans’ service and sends the message that their nation cares!

Empathy and Compassion: The impact of The Journey Home’s VOT program is observed in our ability to 1) make decisions without guessing; 2) to respond to what can be predicted versus what is to be assumed, and 3) to employ empathy and compassion when supporting homeless or at-risk Veterans, or community partners who struggle to know how to help.

Community Partnership: TJH programmatically relies on community partners to find and to support Veterans in crisis. The stability of a Veteran is dependent up their relationship with their community; with their neighbors, and with where they shop, eat out, go to church and attend appointments.

Veteran Support: The VOT facilitates strategies and interventions that empower Veterans to be active and to directly access theircare. Trained and credentialed staff work with each Veteran to establish an individualized Options and Resource (O&R) plan. A Veteran’s O&R is meant to the Veteran’s capacity to respond with their community’s capacity to give support.

Veteran Transportation: A Veteran’s physical activity and access to care is connected directly to and associated with factors of isolation. Whether it be with an independent provider or a VA Medical Center, the VOT’s transportation team either assists in transporting Veterans, or our VOT staff and volunteers follow up and stay connected as we link them to community transportation resources.

Mission Strategy Through the Eyes of a Veteran:

"I am a Vietnam Veteran. I was introduced to TJH shortly after being diagnosed with cancer. I am housed and have been independent of others care my entire life. The diagnosis of cancer has been tough and very scary. Feeling hopeless and angry, I went to my local Veteran Service Office (VSO) for help. I was fighting the impulse to shut down and withdraw all together. The VSO called TJH. I did not know where to start, or understand what was happening to me, or how to navigate the many appointments that are now critical. TJH understands, and they have connections that help me. I am not alone, and that feels really good."

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Our program transitions homeless Veterans off the streets or out from under bridges into permanent housing, treatment, and appropriate employment.  We develop the social, emotional and employment skills that sustain independence, and connect them to the VA, to their County Veteran Services Officer (VSO) and to local resources for eligible benefits.

The Journey Home loves our Veterans, so we lower the barriers that would otherwise prevent a homeless Veteran into placement and provide the specialized programing to support them.  We personalize our programs and services to support Veterans through their recovery.  Patience, with accountability, provide the Veteran stable support as they stay engaged in our programing.  Mistakes are used as a stepping stone in the development of not only new skills but of confidence and hope.

Veterans with Purple Hearts, and Silver and Bronze Stars, walk into our doors homeless.
Homeless Veterans are heroes of this great Country and are numbered amongst the wounded.

In 2020, TJH accomplishments include:


Veterans helped off the streets.


Veterans helped to find their own home.


Veterans placed in treatment programs.


Veterans enrolled in outreach services.


Veterans assisted into employment.


Veterans case managed into VA Benefits.


Veterans case managed into non-VA Benefits.


Veterans receiving VA/SOC. Security Disability.


% of Veterans positively discharged from TJH.


Veterans helped with disaster assistance.

EVERY DAY, The Journey Home saves the lives of Veterans.

My dad moved into his new Apartment yesterday!
I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything The Journey Home and everyone else who helped him and donated today.
He hasn’t had his own home since I was a little girl due to his struggles and you all gave him a 2nd chance at life.
I just got the 2nd happiest phone call I’ve ever received tonight. He loves his new place.
The first one was when he called to tell me he was going to The Journey Home to try and get better.
I haven’t heard happiness in his voice in years, and It’s because all of you.
Thank you again! I’ve waited to hear him happy for a very long time.